Meet Frequency, Your Blog's Personal Podcaster

Hi, I'm Nolan and I'm proud to introduce our first robot, Frequency: A friendly, helpful, and clumsy robot who's learning to speak to help podcast the internet. I started working on Frequency in February 2019 and am proud to say we are out of our closed tester release and live for everyone to use!

Our team is made up of 6 hard working Canadians, and we're growing fast. We raised $350,000 to give a voice to our favourite little robot and hopefully we make catching up on reading a little easier for people.

Frequency works by adding our player to your website. It takes less than 5 minutes and once there, you can see detailed analytics on who's listening, for how long, from where, and what parts they really enjoy. Frequency is built to be friendly with team coordination in mind, and is eager to be someone you can count on to narrate your written works of art.

The goal of our little robot is to help you reach a new audience. Podcasting has grown a lot over the past decade, and the latest technology for robot voices has gotten more and more impressive. We thought that combining the two might bring some added value to your blog or digital publication.

We think providing people with more ways to engage with your content benefits everyone. Individuals with difficulty reading, people who suffer from dyslexia, or even those of us who are illiterate benefit from the inclusion of accessibility software like Frequency, and so do you - gaining the ability to reach people who would never visit your publication. Besides accessibility issues, some people simply find audio content more digestible and convenient, as you can continue to listen while going about your daily activities. These people will be incentivized to visit your publication as well.

It's a brave new world, and although the mimicry of robots and the human voice can be scary at times, we want to lead the way in using the technology responsibly. To help those who previously had a difficult time on the text-based internet, and to make the web a more inclusive place for information to flow.

Our next goal is to create better tools to interact with Frequency and create fully fledged audio performances where you can control the style and emotion of what Frequency says, as well as put in your own branded sounds or intros/outros. We hope to see a future where anyone can start podcasting their own content and get creative around audio on the web.

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